Arnot Gospel Hall

Cupar Road, Kennoway, Fife

Jesus Is A Man

The Son of God, our Lord Jesus, became a real man of flesh and blood like us (Hebrews 2.14). His body, soul and spirit were all as real as ours are. He spoke about His body which He gave for us (Luke 22.19), His soul being troubled (John 12.27), and His spirit which He commended to God when He died (Luke 23.46). He was truly a real man like any other man, but not in any way sinful like every other man who has ever lived.

He was actually a perfect man. This means that He was perfect in every way, with no faults or defects - something that no other man has ever been or can be. But when we say He was perfect it also means that He was perfectly and completely human, not partly human. We will consider what the Bible tells us about these important matters, first looking at how real a man he was.

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Sunday, 15 March, 2020 - 15:30

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