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Is He Your Friend?

A Christian has the promise of the Lord Jesus that He will never leave or forsake you (Hebrews 13.5). It is a precious promise. Loneliness is a terrible experience for some people. A Christians has a friend who never leaves or disappoints.

When you go to serve Him as He has commanded, He says to you, “I am with you always” (Matthew 28.20). Although He is in heaven, you can know His presence with you every day and everywhere. He is always near – “the Lord is at your side” (Philippians 4.5). Paul found this when he stood alone in front of a Roman judge who was going to put him in prison. All his friends had left Him but he said, “The Lord stood by me and strengthened me” (2 Timothy 4.17).

Wherever you are, the Lord Jesus is near. He is your best friend. He wants you to live close to Him, to speak to Him often. He wants you to walk with Him like Enoch and Noah did long ago (Genesis 5.24; 6.9). They lived in a very wicked society, but that did not stop them from living close to the Lord.

The closer you live to anyone and the more you speak with them, the better you get to know them. You get to know more about them, but you also get to know them better as your friends. It is the same with the Lord Jesus. It is important to know more about Him through Bible study and listening to others who can tell you about Him truthfully.

But it is even better for you get to know the Lord Jesus for yourself in your own experience. This will happen as you live close to the Lord, talking to Him every day. Seek His help in all your difficulties (Hebrews 4.16). Ask for His wisdom in everything which puzzles you (James 1.5). Tell Him your needs, cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you (1 Peter 5.7). In this way you will really get to know Him as your friend, a “friend who sticks closer than a brother” (Proverbs 18.24). He says, “I have called you friends” and, “You are My friends if you do what I command you” (John 15.14-15).

If you live close to the Lord Jesus day by day, you will become more like Him. You will be a true disciple.

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