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He Lived As A Real Man

He worked as a real man. He was known as “the carpenter’s son” (Matthew 13.55), for Joseph was a carpenter. He was also called “the carpenter, the son of Mary” (Mark 6.3). This might mean that Joseph had died and Jesus as the oldest son took over his job to provide for the family. The Lord Jesus certainly worked as a real man, just as a man is meant to do to provide for others. He was known and spoken of as Jesus of (or from) Nazareth, because that was His home town (Luke 4.16, 34).

He had the feelings of a real man. We read about Him being hungry, thirsty, and tired after walking many miles (John 4.6-7), and sleeping during a voyage over the Sea of Galilee (Matthew 8.24). He was sad and shed tears (John 11.35), grieved and sorry, angry and disappointed (Mark 3.5). He also rejoiced (Luke 10.21) and marvelled, sometimes at faith, other times at unbelief (Luke 7.9; Mark 6.6). He experienced hatred, rejection, betrayal and capture by enemies (John 1518-25). He felt pain and anguish (Luke 22.44). It affected His body, soul, and spirit.

He lived His life as a real man. Many times He was alone (John 8.1), but other times He depended on others for obtaining food (John 4.8), providing a boat for Him to use (Luke 5.3), a donkey to ride on (Matthew 21.2), a home to feel welcome and safe (Luke 10.38; John 12.1). He always had complete control of all that happened but He experienced the hazards of living (Luke 13.31), of fleeing from danger (John 10.39-40), of avoiding capture (Luke 4.29-30). He also completely submitted Himself to the will of God His Father (John 6.38; Luke22.42). As a man He humbled Himself and became obedient to God all through His life on to its end on the cross (Philippians 2.8).

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