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He Grew Up As A Real Boy

As we try to describe the humanity of the Lord Jesus, we must remember that “great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in flesh …” (1 Timothy 3.16). We will not be able to understand it completely, but we do accept the truth of it because God has revealed it to us.

He was born a real baby. The baby whom Mary His mother carried in her womb and brought into the world was a real human baby (Luke 2.7).She wrapped Him in baby clothes and laid Him in a bed (which was a manger for feeding cattle, remember!). She nursed Him at her breast and cared for all His needs (Psalm 22.9; Luke 11.27). His conception by the power of the Holy Spirit was supernatural, extraordinary and unique (Luke 1.31,35). He had no human father, but His birth was natural and normal (Luke 2.6).

He grew up a real boy. We read about Him when He was eight days old (Luke 2.21), when He was twelve tears old (Luke 2.42), and when he was thirty years old (Luke 3.23). We are not told very much about His childhood and His early life, but we know that he was an obedient child at home (Luke 2.51) and that He increased in wisdom and stature. He developed mentally and physically like other boys do (Luke 2.52). He had other brothers and sisters in His human family (Matthew 13.55-56; John 7.3-5).

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