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He Died And Rose As A Real Man

He died the death of a real man. He had the ability to save Himself from death (Matthew 26.53), and no power could defeat Him (John 19.11). But He experienced the bitterness of death. He noticed the sorrow of those near and dear to Him (v.26-27). His death came about by crucifixion, by blood loss, by severe and acute damage to His body. He felt unspeakable pain, anguish and thirst (v.28). He took His last breath and His spirit left His body (Luke 23.36). When Pilate’s soldiers came to check what had happened, they found that He was “dead already” (John 19.33). His dead body was taken from the cross and buried in a new tomb (v.53).

He rose from the dead as a real man. The One who appeared to His disciples after His resurrection was recognised as a man by Mary and then by the other disciples (read Luke 24 and John 20-21). He showed to them His hands and His feet and His side (John 20.20, 27). He spoke to them, walked with them and ate with them. They could recognise His voice (John 20.16; 21.6-7). He was a real man in a resurrection body which His disciples could see and touch (Luke 24.39).

In heaven today He is a real man. His manhood did not cease when he went back to heaven. We often call Him “The Man in the Glory”. He was seen and recognised by Stephen and by John when they saw Him in heaven (Acts 7.56; Revelation 1.12-18). Now as the Mediator between God and man, He is “the man, Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2.5). Hebrews 2.9-10 tells us that the One who suffered death is the man who is “crowned with glory and honour”.

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